Mrrf 2020

Dates-Fri, Apr 3, 2020, 5:00 PM –

Sun, Apr 5, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT

This is year 4 for me, 4 years sponsoring, 3 years sponsoring early enough to get on the shirt! So do not forget to order a shirt when they offer them.

The sponsorship has a table and booth this time so please bring a cool project you have made with one of the V 1 machines to show off since I can only bring so much in a suitcase.


First one-Mrrf 2017

Updates for 2020 are usually here,

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I was really, really hoping to make it to MRRF this year but I have something else I can’t get out of that weekend. I might offer to ship some items if there is someone who can receive them but that would be a separate discussion.

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I think we have at least two options for shipping. When it get closer we can figure that out, thanks.

I live in michigan and will be driving down. I will probably be driving my truck and can take stuff down for you if you want to ship it to me.

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Ron you must have a MRRF alert on the forums, I was going to email you as I solidified plans. You are welcome to the table whether I am there or not! I have no idea what they are intending to do and where all the new space is coming from but it is exciting.

I’ll be there, also driving the truck. My machines aren’t what you would call “show quality…” :rofl:

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Building a LowRider2 for MRRF. Have a small work surface that should set on top of one of the tables. I have salvaged some nice oak beams from pallets for the legs. I was thinking of engraving v1 logo on sides of the legs using my mpcnc. Where can i get a svg file of the logo?

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I was thinking it would be cool to just use the table top as the work surface, then draw designs on butcher paper along the length of the table.

Peoples names on the name tags. I just tried it out and it is pretty dang easy to do with estlcam. It centers it in a given width even.

Worried about people snagging the belt?

No more than anything else there. I think you could use 4 c clamps as belt holders on the ends. Might come loose, but easy to fix.

Okay I got up some nerve last night and got the reservations for the trip. See you all there!

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OK, I am in.

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Sweet! Try to bring something you made with any of them if you have anything that fits. Nothing too precious though I would hate for it to go missing ( I super trust it there, but still a little unsure of the reception I will get this year).

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Oh stop! It will be nothing but love.

I’m not sure what I should bring… Now I’m thinking I need to make something.


Brisket… With a LR-decorated carving board, of course…


I’m not sure I can handle that. Can you come too, K?

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Heh… I wish. Not this year. Maybe another year, once my MPCNC is up and running…

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If you bring it. I will help you get it running.