MTL's Bassix mpcnc

My folgertech prusa i3 has been running continuously for the past week, most parts came out pretty good although a cooling fan would probably help a lot…
We build speaker cabinets and throw underground parties with them, as well as rent them out to other promoters in town.

I’ve wanted a CNC forever now but alas we don’t have the money nor the space for a commercial one… for now
I’m building this firstly to learn how to program and use a CNC, engrave our logo on our cabs and perhaps cut out some of the pieces that go into building our new tops… If we can cut 1/2 inch baltic birch, we’ll be really happy.

So for now it’s asssembly time!

I’ll post updates as I go!

HUGE THANK YOU for such an awesome design and for releasing it to the world. Inspiring!

That is a giant speaker setup, that is going to throw some serious parties!

It’s ALIVE! I learned the hard way not to overtighten and to rework the parts after printing.

First time assembling I screwed the bolts into the tight plastic and tightened everything a fair amount. It was really hard to move along the rails.

Took everything apart, redrilled all the holes - re-assembly was so much easier. Tightened everything a lot less and it made the movements a lot smoother.