Multifunction board

I’m assembling this machine in order to make it possible to use it for CNC (router), Laser and 3d Printer. I am unsure whether the control board supports software for both functions. Can anybody help me? Is there a board that does all these functions?

Almost all MPCNC builds run Marlin. Marlin started out as 3D printer firmware and was later modified/configured for CNC use. It is not uncommon for builds I see on this forum to be both a CNC machine, and a laser machine. In recent memory, I don’t recall an MPCNC build being used for 3D printing. I’m sure it has happened, but it is rare. Typically for 3D printing, we see the occasional MP3DP2…another machine designed by Ryan.

So in terms of control boards, anything that will run Marlin (which is most of the control boards I see on the net), can be used for all three types of uses, but you may have to re-flash firmware with different settings as you move from a CNC/laser machine to a 3D printer.

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It doesn’t make a good 3d printer, but it can print. Dui used one to print really big stuff with a large nozzle.

Thanks. I ended up buying the SKR Pro v1.2 card and TMC2209 drivers. Does anyone have a firmware for this board and for Touch TFT 3.5 v3.0 in order to select the use for printer or CNC?

marlinbuilder releases, start here. Small tweaks can be added for what you need.

Maybe because I’m new to the area, I don’t understand. Is there a hardware and software configuration that makes the MPCNC a printer, router and laser at the same time? Or do I need to choose whether I want CNC or printer and download the firmware on the board and TFT for each situation?

Router and laser are the same firmware. Making it a 3d printer takes significant changes these days since it is a rare use now.