Multiple CAD files from This Old Tony

Tony’s videos are great. This one shows how even on something that seems pretty simple, he makes 5 different CAD files, and keeps the parametric nature of them. I think this is great and I want to try it on my next project. I really need examples like this to show me different ways of doing CAD, along with the reasoning and benefits.

Also, I now know I need a knuckles air blower. Never knew that.


I think we’re all pretty much subscribed to the same youtube channels…

@Barry, yeah I think the same. There’s just a certain set of people that all of is watch, they’re just too damn good.


That air gun sure chooches :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in what other channels you’re subscribed to. Just found TOT a few weeks ago and find it incredibly inspiring. Diresta and Thomas Sanladerer are two others, but always looking for more.

My friend was having trouble with an MPCNC build that he had a college student start, so I took it under my wing to get it fixed up and have ended up a couple weeks later with 3 rocking horses for grandchildren all milled from it. Incredibly easy to cutout, fit and assemble even with some weird angles that caused grief on a couple of previous builds. Parametric modeling of the rocking horse made the design and fit a breeze.

Very impressed with MPCNC and I’m about to build my own with a 500W spindle (mostly to keep the noise level down). I appreciate your postings as you’ve learned on this as well.

What size bed have you guys found to be most “efficient”, i.e. size in a small shop versus being able to fit everything?

Sorry for the deviation from the topic.

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Absorber of light <-- Generally cool dude

Alec Steele <-- Blacksmith

AvE <-- Uncle bumblefuck

Brian Oltrogge <-- Cool sand casting and cnc stuff

colinfurze <-- crazy Brit

DemolitionRanch <-- crazy Texan, with guns!

frank howarth <-- Cool woodworker

Hak5 <-- Hacker friends

I Build It <-- another cool woodworder

J Mantzel <-- crazy Canadian who lives on an island in Panama

JohnGrimsmo <-- Canadian knife maker, cnc’s his knives.

N-O-D-E <-- cool hacker stuff

SmarterEveryDay <-- cool rocket scientest

SV Seeker <-- crazy Oklahoman building a boat in his front yard.

Team BlackSheep <-- crazy drone pilots

This Old Tony <-- cool milling dude

Torbjorn Ahman <-- another blacksmith

Winston Moy <-- cool cnc stuff

workingwithiron <-- hey, look, more blacksmithing.

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First, this guy should be on every list. My favorite, although he hasn’t posted much this summer, go look through his past videos, they are great:
Matthias Wandel <- Woodworker, with a strong focus on engineering/functionality

Top others:
Jay Bates <- Practical woodworker.

Steve Ramsey <- a.k.a. Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Matt Cremona <- Kickass homemade mill. Traditional woodworker.

Marius Hornberger <- Woodworker, with a kick ass accent (and a small shop)

Tech2C <- 3D printing, and quadcopters, and recents MF lasers!

I like to make stuff <- A ton of different maker stuff. Simple woodworking, CNC, 3D printing, props.

Make Something <- Woodworking, single day projects, sometimes using lasers.

Chris Salamone <- “Modern” woodworker.

Peter Brown <- Funny guy, makes a lot of stuff with woodworking tools and epoxy.

Justin Depew <- Woodworker, with very very small shop.

CNLohr <- Possibly the smartest person on the planet, easily the smartest on youtube. This has stretched the hobby microprocessor hobby to new levels, and it just generally really curious, which makes for interesting projects.

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I’d like to add NYC CNC to that list, their Fusion Fridays are awesome

I’d add myfordboy to that list as well. (that’s “myford” as in the UK company that made his lathe not “My Ford” as in the US auto manufacturer.) Lots of metal casting and miniature motors. He just got a small CNC mill and 3D printer and is having some fun with them as well now.