Multiple Nut Lock and Pineapple Coupler files.

I can’t seem to find any info on why there are multiple versions of the pineapple coupler and nut lock. Anyone point me in the right direction?


Disclaimer: I am a cherry to mpcnc, as I am still in the build process myself. Hopefully have it working this weekend.
The different couplers and nut locks are if you are building with US or EU specs. 5mm to 5/16ths is US. 11mm nut locks for US.
Those are what I used and my center piece went together with no problems.
Hope that helps

I just printed them both and used the one that fit the hardware I got.

Cool. Thanks guys. This helps.

The nut lock should match the flat to flat dimension of your coupling nut. I think this is mentioned in the assembly instructions, and the couplers are for either a 5/16 or a 8mm leadscrew.

Cool, thanks. Ill check out the instructions again also. Getting very close to ordering a kit!