Multiple setups on one board

Hi, Im looking at getting/building my first mpcnc. I would like have set up to do a router and plasma and maybe a laser. Do I need to reflash the board each time I want to use a different tool or have a board for each tool?

So I’m not totally sure if I understand what you are asking, but if you are asking if you need a separate control board for each tool the answer is no. The control board just reads the gcode files that you send it and sends the correct signals to the stepper drivers that in turn move the stepper motors. You can have whatever tool on the machine that you want (router, pen, needle cutter, laser, drag knife, whatever). As long as your gcode is correct the machine will move the tool appropriately all with the same control board. The difference between the tools is how you generate the gcode program. Hope that makes sense.

You can use the same board and firmware (most likely). That depends a little on what board you have and what pins you will use to control the laser, plasma and possibly the router. For example I use the fan pins to control my router on and off with a relay. I was planning to use the same fan pin to control my laser as well but as it turns out my laser needs a 5V not a 12V. So I am learning that I will need to use another pin. Not sure which one yet. Anyway that is what you would need to figure out. What voltage do you need to control your tools.

Yes, I want to be able to put different cutting attachments. I’m try to make an all-in-one machine. I’m just start looking and have question. What is the best board to get? I like to hook up that lcd screen and print using the sd cards. My computer is going to be at home and my table with be at work. (which is 40 miles away).