My 1m x 0.8m IE build in the UK

Finally moved mine out to the garage (it was sitting on the living room floor for a few weeks – the wife is pleased!).

Haven’t milled anything yet – still testing and dialing it in (have drawn a few things with a Sharpie). I have a lot to learn about CNC milling first.

The router is a Makita RT0700CX. I added the “MShoe” dust shoe, with a few pretty lights attached. It’s using 25mm chromed wardrobe rails (from Screwfix in the UK). They’re very thin walled but appear to be very rigid – let’s hope the chrome plating holds up.

The spindle is controlled via a relay from the D9 fan output. The original relay was rated at 240V/10A, but the smell of ozone was overpowering. I’ve added an outboard relay box and am waiting for a beefier relay to arrive.

Thank you very much for the fantastic design – can’t wait to get milling!

Looking good! Did you design the ramps/lcd case or where did you find it?

Thanks! The main control panel is my design, but it’s just a couple of sheets of plastic with a few holes for switches and wires. It holds the PSU and relay. The LCD case is glued in top of that… it’s a design from thingiverse.

The ramps case is mounted below, on the leg.

So clean…time to get it dirty…

Hi John
I’m almost ready to build mine. just need 3 more printed feet and to buy the tubes.
How are the rails holding up? I’m not sure to buy ali, conduit, or the rails like you have got.
last shift tonight then 12 days off to get my build on lol