my 3' x 4' (2'x3' cut) mpcnc

I was going to make it 6’x4’ but I hurt my back the other day and 3’x4’ plywood is much easier to work with. I can still easily upgrade it’s size as I made extra length in the wires and have the wood, conduit, etc. to do it.

Some pics:
building table with cyclone dust vac under and air compressor

usb cnc controller software from planet cnc

Cnc electronics

Here’s a video of it making it’s first run, a test piece for a number sign on my house:

Apparently embedding images,at least from google drive is not gonna work. so I attach them here in order.

and video is at

That is a mighty clean setup you have there! I have a feeling you have a backlog of projects, I can’t wait to see them.