My attempt at a MPCNC Primo Plasma cutter

I am part way through building my mpcnc plasma. If I have to much trouble with EMI I will switch it over to a router. I started making a youtube channel that covers the build with hopes of helping other new people like myself. I probably would not of done this but I broke my back 5 months ago and I was going stir crazy, and a cnc plasma might be fun if I ever keep going on my 55 Chevy build. So far I have only gotten as far as assembling the machine on the table and loading marlin on the arduino.


Nice build, keep posting video’s, subscribed :wink:

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Thank you. I started tinkering with fusion360 and the guffy post processor yesterday and started wiring the Ramps 1.4 to do a little reading and testing on my relay 5 volt pin for triggering the plasma cutter. Should have more videos soon

It looks nice. Can’t wait to see more. And I’ll check out your Youtube videos when I get off work!

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Thank you for the support

Working on figuring out my wiring. Gets confusing when you have more than one color wires going on. Hopefully I get to test it today.

Well we have movement! Good first start. I need to tram the table , that is one thing I have not done, I ran into some trouble drawing on the machine. I will level it out and tighten the legs up next.


So it was really easy to change to pin 44 for a plasma cutter/laser once I figured out where the files were. I just searched for pins_Ramps.h and it came up.

I recognize that shelving! Nicely welded!

I’m also contemplating a Plasma cutter build for sheet metal . Since I bought my Everlast, my old plasma is just sitting around.

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I got a whole pickup load of those shelves for free. A local bank closed and they just throw everything away.
I cant wait to see how much the metal warps, I might need a torch height controller or a sliding z axis with more travel.
I’m building the electronics enclosure now.

I did watch a video the other day of a guy demonstrating the warpage before/after the water bath. Significant difference but he still went with a THC. Surprisingly he got less warp when the work piece ‘welded’ itself to the metal slats as the torch crossed over them.

Keep posting. I’m just behind you.

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