My big build so far :-)

Hi All,

Still fixing some issues, but so far so good. Crown worked, plastic/foam and I didn’t really see eye to eye (I was getting annoyed with the foam) and as I like to dive in headfirst, I did a test part in soft wood with a 3-operation job and 2 bit changes. (see pic)

According to my girlfriend, a rainbow barfed all over the table :slight_smile: Have been more focused on testing and fixing than cleaning up.

Plans: will add t-track with spoilboard inbetween the tracks for workholding. And endstops and z-probing. Or maybe I’ll try aluminium first :wink:

Have a good week!



Not bad, and the girlfriend is right! :lol:

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Yep, and thanx :slight_smile:

You already christened it by getting it dirty…now will always be dirty, perfect. One day you will have a big project and the wires might get cleaned up until then no one here minds!