My build 30''x30" nema 23

I have finished my build and pen calibration tests. Works well!.


You used Nema 23 steppers? How’d that go? What are the benefits?

Pic of my machine.

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Hi The build went easy I used the original nema23 motor mounts on thingiverse. I had to up date to 20 teeth gt2 pulleys as I had 1/4 motor shafts.

I had the huge nema23 motors from another build i started and 24V power supply.

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I did calibration circles and squares, then I decided to do the single line art plot from thingiverse, I used estlcam and it creates the toolpath.

Estlcam Worked well with my Grbl board.

See the link of it pen plotting at 1200mm/min. Tesla line art test plot downloaded From thingiverse. tesla line art pen plot

I also decided to build a 2x4 table for the mpcnc. Once the router is fitted I will move it to its new home.

Here is another showing the motor mount.

Now that the Pen test worked out I have test fitted the router. I had a old HFT router same OD/size as Makita router so I printed the holder form Thingiverse…

I also found a dust shoe for 65mm Diameter on line, it is open source. It routes the air from the router out the side and vacuums at the bottom, sO it does not blow the dust around.

Hoping for first dust soon.

Nice. Got a link to the dust shroud?

See the link below, nice design.

Dust shoe

Since my machine uses 282oz/in NEMA23 motors on the x & Y axes I decided to add max travel limit switches to machine.

Limit switch holders were printed from thingiverse.
See picture.

Wow the cnc worked well I used 90 deg v-bitand carved my first picture in styrafoam.

Achieved first dust. Ok ok first Styrofoam chips. See pics below.

Just to try with the dust shoe and without, I started with a vacuum pipe no dust shoe and it spread the chips all over, made a :wink: temp skirt for the dust shoe (blue painter tape) and it worked well.

Let the fun begin.


Today I use the Estlcam feature to carve the picture with a v-bit, hard to see in the picture but the cut looks more 3d not just a outline.

Not amazing but baby steps in Styrofoam, also carved it very small.

Downloaded a jpg.
Used inkscape for edge detection
Used inkskape to Generate the DXF file and save.
Opened Estlcam and selected each section I wanted to carve Chose to carve inside.
Saved cnc program in Estlcam
Open NC file in Estlcam and cut

see pictures below.

I am also trying jpg/bmp to vector conversion software called wintopo. They have freeware version and it seems to have lots of functions.

Today I did more engraving with a v-bit tried to cut some chipboard , the machine is running well. Seems very stable but I am not taking large cuts.

The dust shoe is working well.

See pictures below.

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Aww, man. He spilled his coffee!!


I started some wood engraving with a .103"/2.7mm dia cutter and made carved letter sign.

I had one axis off and had to rotate one stepper each time before turning on motors. I printed the old rigid mods from thingiverse and installed the 6 additional bearings. Now it works great. I will eventually print the new z axis.
old z axis rigid mod

See the pic below of the engrave.

I also modified the dust shoe to get a shorter 1/8 bit to work and made the vacuum pipe vertical.

see my engraved picture just finished.

I managed to get some time and practice on my machine.

Starting to get the hang of how to improve cuts.

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