My Build, Eunice (560mm x 295mm x 135mm)

This is my MPCNC, named Eunice (machines run better when named).

I added a few disconnects for switching between machine functions (machining, laser etching, 3d printing), so that I don’t need to leave anything hooked up that I’m not using, but with the option to switch relatively quickly when necessary.

This has been fun so far. I have machining experience, but the vast majority of what I ran were big manual machines. My favorite was a big manual lathe that was 30 years old and had backlash like you wouldn’t believe on both axes. It had been retrofitted with really nice DROs though. The only NC experience I had was with a big Landis 30° angle grinder. The grinding wheel was dressed by CNC, but the rest of the time it was mostly controlled manually. Lots of math involved with that method of machining (especially when using different parts of a dressed wheel to cut angles), but it could keep really tight tolerances if run properly.

Anyway, it has been good for me to delve into CNC more fully with this machine. I’m used to “touching off” and machining manually by DRO offset and verifying tolerances with test and drop indicators, so this is a whole new ball of wax for me.

Great design, Ryan!

I’ll be keeping an eye on you, very interested to see what you have up you sleeve.

Just be nice, things will be slower than a giant Iron mill…

Ha, I’ve been delighted with the rigidity of the machine so far!