My Dewalt 660 log.

Dewalt 660 #4 (the back up) Welcome to my bench April 15th
Dewalt 660 #3 Rip July 21st 2016 - April 15th 2017
Dewalt 660 #2 RIP May 13th 2016 - July 21st 2016
Dewalt 660 #1 RIP October 22nd 2015 - May 13th 2016

So Found my list and now on my backup so looks like I have gone through 3 I thought it was 4 but looks like I am still in warranty on the one that just went so will take that and get it replaced.

That is the brushes wearing out, isn’t it?

In Colorado, there are “anti-lemon” laws that say they have to give you your money back after the 3rd or 4th warranty repair. It’s targeting autos, but it’s written broad enough to cover stuff like this.

Good thing I am in Canada. so far all good when dealing with Canadian Tire where I got it from. I am expecting to have issues at some point but so far they have been good. I will probably buy another once they go on sale again. I have been trying to find other places that have them in stock around me but nothing so will have to just make them happy I spend enough money there and know the manager.

Is it the brushes? if so you can change those out.

The brushes are about $6 each


Awesome!! thanks will have to get some for my back up one since its not in warranty.

Do you you consider there failures do to being defective or just wearing out from use?

wearing out from use they run anywhere from 8hrs to 20hrs in a day. so completely user wear on it. so far to me nothing defective about it at all. the Dewalt 660 #2 was running 20 hrs plus lol I beat the heck out of it so all and all I am happy with Dewalt and wouldn’t use anything else unless I needed too or they stopped making the units and brought out a better one.

Well, they used to be profitable, but this one Canadian tire is really cutting into their margins :slight_smile:

No kidding lol. You have it made with a store return plan like that. I honestly feel at the $50 price point this thing is a champ. So what if I happen to kill one a year. College years I could dump 3x that on a Saturday night (regretting it all day Sunday of course). I hope people understand some things are just worth the few extra dollars. This is one of those things. These devices are intended for off and on use, contractors and drywall (other materials as well of course). We could throw a 3+ hour job at these guys. If you are running this in a hot garage I highly doubt the harbor freight special is going to hold up to this kind of abuse. Wesley im impressed you are able to get that kind of runtime on them actually lol. I believe mine came with a set of replacement brushes. You may be able to extend the life even longer lol.


so I did a video on the brush replacement, only thing going through it after that kept bugging me was on the spring tension on the one brush seemed tighter then the other I might replace them next go around see if I can get a more even wear on it. someone posted about bearings as well on the video which is a generic 606 bearing I hope to upgrade that to a high end skateboard bearing as well on my backup one if its shot but think its just gummed up.


Nice work man this will be helpful to many on here!

thanks appreciate it. Maybe a full rebuild one in the future if enough interest in it.