My dog chewed up a Core Clamp

I recently purchased a Primo Kit and the full set of printed parts. I had them all laid out and was getting ready to start assembly this weekend…unfortunately my pets conspired against me…my cat got on the table at night and knocked one of my Core Clamps off the table and my dog found it in the morning and thought it was a new chew toy… Anyone out there have an extra or the ability to print one for me? Thanks!

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@vicious1? Do you want to do that?

Jonathan, do you have a 3D printer at your local library?

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Negative. I live in a rather rural area unfortunately. It might be possible to access one in a larger town about 100 miles away…I’d have to do more research., or similar sites maybe able to connect you with makers in your area, for this and/or other projects. Hope that helps, cheers!

It would be helpful to include some geographic information…

I have a complete (gently used) set of LR2 parts, many spare Primo parts, and the ability to print more, but without some idea of where you’d need it shipped, it’s a bit tricky to say if that would work for you. (I’m in Canada, and guessing that you’re not. Cross border shipping is prohibitive…)

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Yeah I’m in Northern New Mexico in the US so sounds like the shipping would indeed be prohibitive. Thanks though!

Thank you @aaronse! These both look like great resources that could solve this issue.

If you have anything you need to order from the store, I can drop one in the box for you.


@vicious1 Thanks Ryan! That is much appreciated!

Ouch! Thats ruff.

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Order #20126 in case my email got lost in the shuffle. Thanks again!

Gotcha, on it’s way.