My First attampt at cutting

This is my first attempt at cutting anything on my MPCNC.

I used the recommended first attempt settings of:

  • 3mm single flute end mill
  • 8mm/s feed rate
  • 3mm/s plunge rate
  • 1mm depth of cut
I used Estlcam to generate the gcode and it's cut out of 12mm MDF (for reference, the writing is about 300mm wide).

[attachment file=“68785”]

I am really happy with the result I have with my very first try at cutting anything!


Hi, I just dug through all the media and settings for the forums. you picture is not there. I do see the file name in my notification though. I think that is the issue. It is full of “.” files can only have 1, for example picture.jpg yours is picture.12.3.18.jpg so the system see’s it as a .12 file and that is unknown.

I do want to see your first cut though. Those make me proud.

EDIT: Tried renaming the file so there were no “.” characters and tried uploading to the original post again, that did not work. So tried creating a new post with the attachment and again, no luck. So I have uploaded it here:

I have no idea why your pics are not showing now. Others are coming through, mine as well. I’ll keep digging.

Would you mind telling me what browser you are using, and mobile or desktop? This might be a lack of html 5 issue.

The cut looks great! That is one heck of a first try.

Thanks! Took about 1:25 to cut. Next thing I need to do is add a dust boot so that I don’t need to hold a vacuum cleaner hose near the bit for nearly an hour and a half!

I am using Firefox v62 64bit on a Windows 10 laptop

Looks like it was a browser issue. I tried Microsoft Edge and it uploaded the picture fine. I have edited my first post and added the picture.

Shouldn’t be a HTML5 issue though as Firefox should support that properly