My first hardwood chips

There is a lot left to learn, but I’m happy!


1/8 inch flat endmill for the rough job, followed by a 1mm ball nose for the cleanup. CAM done in Fusion with guffy’s post processor. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me get something off my machine!

You should be, nice work! :+1:

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End stops saved my ass on this one too. I broke a 1mm bit trying to go too aggressive with my finish pass. Had to reevaluate, put out some new g-code, and restart the job with a fresh bit. Thank goodness a wrote down the coordinates of my x0 y0 relative to home on the machine! :smiley:


Nice work!

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TYVM. There are still a lot of things I would do differently next time but that’s half the fun right?

Nice job, how do you make the code? Please :slight_smile:

fusion 360. Adaptive 3d pass leaving 0.5mm material to leave. Followed up with a parallel finishing pass with the 1mm ball nose.