My First Sign

This is the largest piece of wood I have cut so far. I used a 18" circular blank from Home Depot. They have them for $6.25 each here. The main problem I saw with the cutting is that I cut the small text too deep. I realized it after the bottom line cut, then stopped it & adjusted the other 2 lines to cut 1.5mm deep instead of 3mm deep. I used a 1/8"60deg v-bit running at 15mm/sec with a bosch colt router. I used a 1/4" bullnose bit on the elliptical border. I cut the border 1st to make sure I had the machine pretty level & it looked nice and even on the 1st pass. The 2 holes at the top I added to connect a small rope to hang it with.

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GEODAVE is back!! Nice looking sign buddy! Tool change and everything, getting fancy.