My first successful print!

I’ve been using my mpcnc to print a few things here and there, but I I haven’t gotten it this dialed in until now. I was having issues with shutter on all axis. I was getting oversized corners and holes and towers weren’t reliable. I did not buy my extruder parts from they were out of stock, so I bought the same setup off eBay. I have tried every conceivable setting to get my prints better. nothibg was working. later on I bought some replacement nozzles from a US seller of various sizes for future use. i decided to swap out the stock nozzle (that’s no descriptive marker for size indication) for one I had purchased. well I’ve finally found out why I was getting shit prints. the new nozzle outperforms the old one by leaps and bounds. here are some sweet pics. And a video

Pics below. the tip on the left is the tip that came with my extruder. the one on the right is the new style tip I’m using. much larger base, tip size (the flat bit surrounding the hole) much smaller. and I don’t have a way of measuring but the hole in the Chinese tip looks larger than the .5 nozzle I’m showing in this picture, and it’s supposed to be a .4 nozzle. Definitely a huge improvement if you look at some of my other posts attachments

Here’s some pics of the same print at 60mm/s. one bump in the whole print!

That looks really good, and 60mm/s that is double what I do. You must be pretty dialed in now, probably better than me.

It was all in the nozzle. i think I will have to bump up the voltage on the extruder just a tad but for now I’m happy with the results. and all this time it’s been the nozzle causing me grief

I did a little speed test. so far I’ve gone up to 90mm/s In cura on a 40mm cube. if it’s actually hitting those speeds in that short a run I don’t know. but the results were promising. I don’t expect that the layer adhesion was that great but it came out solid and had only one layer that showed a problem, and I’m pretty sure it’s from the same time I put the camera and the weight of my arms down on the platform to film.

That’s actually faster than I print with my rostock! I keep it down to around 50mm/s for the interior and 45mm/s for exterior perimeters. 50mm/s for infill, and 50mm/s for bridging.

I won’t be printing that fast irl. just a test to see if it would break.

I like your style…


I would strongly recommend an E3D V6 for a hotend, best hotend on the market by far in my opinion. It’s all I use these days.