My latest disney themed creation for the obsessed wife

Working on versions without ears, and the one with mandos helmet

Not a fan of machining stl files, cant do pockets and have to clear everything.



Nice work.

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That’s beautiful work!

Care to share some of the process you used in creating it?

Nothing crazy, I just scaled the z axis down until I got a decent balance of detail depth but still kept the height under my stock. Then I just cut the back flat and did adaptive clearing.

Is that with Fusion or ???

Yes. Fusion and meshmixer were used.

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Thanks, I look forward to seeing more of your work, Good Stuff!

Here’s another requested one I’ll be cutting tonight.

I have another one in mind still with the baby yoda character that will be a few pieces


Would it be possible to save the outline of the stl, and generate a separate job to cut the sculpted piece out? Then you just need to sculpt the sculpty parts, and run the second job to cut it out, rather than “sculpting” all that empty space away. Or at least, only model a narrow (2x bit dia?) channel around the piece.

That would be the most likely scenario, but I think lining them out would be difficult?

Maybe. I would think Fusion could take a copy of the bottom plane, and turn that into a 2D toolpath without moving it around anywhere. Or I could be talking out of my ear…

I’m not one to question you. I struggle with fusion.

I learned cad on solidworks, so I only do Cam in fusion.

I learned CAD/CAM on MasterCam but that was 20 years ago. I don’t know if it’s hardening of the brain cells or what but I’m not picking up Fusion/Estlcam near as easily as I did MasterCam. :scream:

Added another one tonight for a friend


I like that one! Is that oak?

This is some local walnut

What mill are you using to carve those? They came out great.



3/4 standard flat router bit adaptive
1/4 downcut to clean it up
2mm ball nose for finishing passes .15mm step over

I find the staring one eyed Death Star Mickey effect a little creepy, but those are some cool projects just the same.

Thanks for sharing your tooling approach too.