My logo in Acrylics

I wanted to share some content of a tiny project i did.
Ive been training my acrylics skills, and when i finally felt comfortable i tried my logo :slight_smile:


HI Dr Donkeypunch,

Results are amazing. Can you elaborate the process. Is it just a pressure that you use or there is heating involved.

Thanks for sharing.

It would seem to be a ballnose endmill on a router I would think. Absolutely beautiful finished product!


Hello, im back!
Im sorry for not answering, but ive had a busy month, and ive started my vacation last week, so i finally have some spare time to read on my favorite forum :smiley:

It is a radial mill, in theory it mills as a ball end, but it doesnt have a big angled radius, its more flat than round. Its a great mill for plastics and metal, and they can come from lengths like 3/4 inch to crazy stuff like 7 inches. They also cost 30$ :S

Its mounted in a Makita 3709, 30000rpm, 0,3mm Z per cut, 3mm plunge rate and feed rate of 20mm/s.

And its soooooooooo clean!

Ive attached some pictures of a recent tiny project, again acrylic, its clear transparent with pink glimmer in it, i bought it to make something for my Niece, but i had enough to make a name plate for one of my friend’s daughter.
Its again, cut with the radial mill, same speeds and feeds, then the cuts are blackened afterwards, because its too transparent to read, when its hanging on a wall.

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Oh and, the white fuzzy stuff at the cut edges, is the protective film. I leave it on while its getting milled, so no pieces scratch the workpiece, during the process.

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Good work! Looks great and I am sure the girls were excited!

Thank you!

Well, my Niece is still a tiny infant, so she doesnt really notice anything thats happening around Her, but her parents were ecstatic!

And my neighbor’s daughter, almost broke it in half with excitement xD

Years ago, back in Canuckland, I worked at a sign shop where I used an AXYS router table. It was fun being able to do stuff like you’ve done here. I kind of miss that ability and it’s part of the reason why I’m doing the MPCNC build.