My Lowrider Table

Hey thought I’d post this up as a bit of a plan. The idea is you build the framing, then face all the framing so when you attach the MDF spoilboard it’s completely parallel to the router bit.

I still haven’t surfaced my framing timber - I want to try and implement some hard endstops and a defined resting place for the lowrider (not just on the Y plates)

The whole table end up to be just under 3x 6m lengths of 90x45mm LVL Framing timber.

I’ve chosen to leave the extra length in the Y axis on one side so I can park the lowrider right out of the way.

Let us know what you think.


PS. it cuts more than a 12202440 sheet, cause you know, I’m paranoid it won’t be big enough, I’m guessing if you are gonna mill the framing in a 12202440 area, you probably want a bit more room to notch out the corners for where the bit won’t go completely straight.

LRTable2.pdf (23.5 KB)

Looks good. Are you planning on flattening the two rails?

I didn't plan to, they seem pretty straight and flat at the moment, do you mean running a plane over them?

I’m sure it will be fine. I was just curious. Using a jointer or a jointer plane was what I was thinking.

I had a thought that doesn’t work out for my table but might work for yours… if you include a space at the end of the table where you can clamp a board lengthwise with the end poking up to the router bit you open up the possibility of doing dovetail joints on the machine.


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i think it would be easier to design a dovetail jig and machining one out, than clamping odd bits of board to the table vertically… you will also be very limited on height that way

Cool table, keen to see how you get on!

If you can cut the ends of pieces, you get other possibilities as well. Instead of trapezoid dovetails, you can do circles, curves, letters… Then there are variable size patterns. The real trick is getting things aligned really well, or oversizing the pieces and plan on cutting them back. I want to incorporate something like that in my next table.

That’s exactly how I built mine!

If i had it to do all over again I’d change only 1 thing. I’d flush the 2x’s up on one end, and let all the overhang on the other. I have to take the front of my dust shoe off to level it before cuts, because the front of the shoe catches my work piece. That’s the only reason.

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