My lowrider2 required asetup

Hi there I required a support to setup my lowrider2 cnc
The controller is BIGTREETECH SKR-PRO-V1.2
The touch screen is BIGTREETECH TFT35-E3V 3. 0

Evry things are working ok but when I run a gcode it doesn’t know where to go.
And the second issue is how to specify the working area for this machine

I run a gcode it doesn’t know where to go.

I don’t what this means. A video might be helpful to explain your problem. Also did you run the crown .gcode file that I pointed you to in the other topic? If so, did it work or not?

And the second issue is how to specify the working area for this machine

The working area is only useful in homing the machine. In the V1 maintained firmware for the LowRider, it is set to 300 x 300 and therefore you need to have the router within 300mm x and y to get the machine to home correctly. There is no other impact for this value unless at some future date you enable softstops. Solving this problem will require you to install development tools and learn how to build the firmware. Since there is a workaround (drag the router closer to the home position), I suggest you get any other problems solved first and have some fun with your machine and solve the table size problem another day.

Note that when you run a g-code file, the coordinates are relative to an origin point. Unless you reset it, that origin will be where the router was positioned when the control board was turned on and the steppers were engaged. The crown file I referenced in the other topic has g-code that reset the origin to where the router is when you run the g-code file. That is one reason I want you to run that file and give us feedback on how it worked.

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Don’t start with your gcode either. If this file works, then we have split the problems in half:

test crown

It works but on marline command only.
The other issue is the z access is staying at high position.

I have done the homing position on touch screen and start printing on Marlin command

z access is staying at high position

This g-code file is designed for drawing with a pen. If you haven’t already printed it, you will find a pen mount here. The setup is to have the pen barely touching the paper when you run the g-code. This g-code lowers the pen only 1mm. Drawing a crown on a piece of paper is the first step in making sure your machine is setup correctly.

I don’t have a TFT, so I cannot help you there.

Thanks for your support dear one thing more why z access when ever I lower it and stop it use to lower b

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

The stepper motor use to slip it seems like no breaking in stepper motor

Is there away to adjust the breaking in stepper motor

Is this a power on or a power off problem? Does it happen immediately or after a period of time? Stepper should stay engaged for a period of time after the job is done. That period of time can be increased. Once you turn the control board off, the router can drop. It depends on the weight of the router, which lead screw, and how well your lead screw is aligned and lubricated.

If you mean it is “dropping” during use, could be a variety of things including the spoil board not being parallel with the router plane or your Z axis being pushed too fast and the Z stepper losing steps. You would need to explain more of the issue.

Hello dear I have un issue with z axis when the job is finished the z axis use to drop by it self it seems there is no torque in stepper motor
Can it be fix or the stepper motor faulty

By the way still I didn’t fix the router yet I’m working with pen for testing

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I don’t have one myself, but it is my understanding that it is normal for the Lowrider Z axis to fall under its own weight when the steppers are disabled or unpowered. I’d check the tool you use for generating gcode and see if you can remove any “disable stepper” commands from being automatically added to the end of your jobs.

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The gcode I’m using is the crown downloaded from v1 engineering and beside this I have received the Marlin setup for the z axis it is false also

The screen shot above is saying the firmware won’t disable the steppers after a period of inactivity. There’s also a gcode command (M18 or M84 - Disable steppers) that turns off the steppers. The gcode command would be in the job file, not the firmware. While this command is not included in the crown file itself, it may still be added by the gcode sender in some circumstances. For example, Repetier Host has a check-box for disabling motors on job completion or cancel, so the sender will add that to the job when it is sent to the machine for cutting.

Yes you are right I found it in Repetier host and remove the tick but unfortunately it doesn’t work with z axis

Also I checked the gcode there no M18 or M84