My LR3 Build

This will be my first CNC and I’ve been wanting to build it since it came out this year. I decided to go Black and White since that was the colors of filament I originally had so I kept with it. I’m still printing parts, but only have a few more to go!


I also created a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to keep track of what I’ve printed and the parts necessary for the build. Everything in Red I have. Still have more to get!


Hey you got the assembly started though and did the Core…looking fine so far!


I’m trying to wait to print everything before I start building, but I’m getting antsy!

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I actually printed the core first. I knew it was the largest part to print and wanted to make sure my 3d printer was going to print it correctly. It did just fine and turned out perfect.


I needed to do the same thing!


Got the bearings and m5 bolts but didnt get the m5 nylock nuts yet. Theyll be here tomorrow. Sticking with the black and white theme, finishing printing the remaining 4 braces in black. I’ll be printing the YZ plates initially, then probably switching to cnc’d plates when i get it working.


So, I tried printing a YZ plate but apparently I didn’t have my settings right on my bed temp and it lifted within the 1st 2 layers. I raised the temp to 70C and it’s going much better today.

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So just curious, but should we sand the EMT a little to smooth it out before installing?

No. The bearings will flatten it pretty quickly. I’m not an expert, but I think the coating is toxic to breath if you sand it.

Gotcha. I have a respirator so went ahead and used some green scotchbrite on them. The ones I bought also had some glue boogers I needed to get off anyways.

So lets see how crazy i am with trying to make the YZ plates out of a 1/2" cutting board!


Slowly getting there.

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That stuff is a dream to cut. Save your scraps to do some test cuts, it is so fun to use.

It routes so nice!

Hard to believe this was a cutting board a little bit ago! I still have the other one to do!


Close to having one side done. I do believe the cutting noard is going to work quite nicely.

And then you realize that you put the one 5mm screw in the wrong hole for the brace. argh…

I need to update that YZ plate to prevent that. It was pointed out a few weeks ago if I just make the holes larger the screws can be added and removed at any time. I got wrapped up in firmware updates and the new Printer.


No worries! It just took a couple minutes to change it out. Looks like the cutting board is a really good alternative to MDF. It’s super stiff with no flex.

I’m ready to install the limit switches and cut my lead screws to size. Also need to find some wire for the limit switches…