My minimum printed Lowrider 2

Hi everybody my first post to present my Lowrider 2 working but not still complete.
As nowadays linear rails are quite cheap I’ve started with the most parts in metal, the most aluminium ,only nema 17 supports ,raspberry case ,SSR cover, Pi-noir cam enclosure ,joystic upper cover and dust shoe are 3D printed.
The working area is 2000mm X 1400mm X 350mm (Z)
Dual endstop ,Hotspot, Cnjc.js
Katsu spindle
Raspberry Pi 3b+ with 7’’ touchscreen and Pinoir camera
SkR pro 1.2
2 HT nema 17 for X wired in series tmc2209 driver
2 nema 23 and tb6600 drives for Z
4 nema 17 for Y wired in series at couples on 2 tmc2209
the drive pulley on all the nema 17 is 12T
all proxymity end stops
3 axes joystic and emergency stop with the Jamie jamiek routines, he has witten a great piece of code!
I would like to add a 4th rotary axes in the future

You have any more pics? Looks pretty stought.

Ok,some more details

2 Y nema17 motors and the nema 23 with integrated screw, half the pitch suggested,
the gantry dosn’t goes down without courrent
The Z rods are 25mm they are part of the structure ,they are big only to give rigidity.

X with 2 nema 17 HT , 2 wire chains one for spindle and one for steppers and limit proximity

the grantry at top position

and bottom,
it is done with a modified Decotruss 060769