My MP3DP Repeat

I’m finally back at it after a long hiatus. Thought I would take a minute to share my progress and seek a bit of advice while I wait for my new bed to show up.

My first concern is that the hub seems a little tight. Is there any way to adjust it?

My other concern is the firmware. But it’s always a concern. It’s the bane of my existence, and is often the reason that I start thinking that god clearly hates me. I’m starting to think that I should just order the SKR Pro right now and spare myself the grief, but….then I’ll never learn anything and it will always be something that I struggle with. Someone needs to write a Marlin for Morons book.

Also, this is my first experience with the H2 extruder. I’ve read mixed reviews. Hoping I got a good one,.


I was considering the H2 as well. Still am, sort of.

With the BLTouch on the side like that, is the X homing consistent? Seems like there would need to be a lot of belt sticking out to get to the optical sensor that way. I might consider relocating it though that does mean re-printing the mount.

There is some adjustment for the hub tightness, but not much. Mine also seemed very tight with the first hub that I printed. I re-printed it (With the Repeat printer) and it seemed better. The one bolt across the gap is the adjustment provision. With my first print, I had to jam something into the gap when I put the screw in for that wheel. or else it was difficult to move the core. My CF tube was a little oversize, too, which doesn’t help.

To get the home to the top, and then the BLTouch for bed probing is tricky. I can (And am planning to) do it with RepRap Firmware, but with Marlin, it’s above my knowledge. I’d look at the V1 maintainted firmware configuration though, as it’s still based on a regular Marlin build.

Great question. I honestly have yet to make it far enough to even begin a homing sequence, but that’s why I posted my build here - to seek the counsel of others that know better than I do! Glad you brought that up. It doesn’t seem as if it gets in the way of the belt finding it’s way into the sensor, but I won’t really know until I get it wired up. But since you brought it up, I’m thinking that I might be better off redesigning that mount.

It’s something that I found on thingiverse and remixed to screw into the plate with heat set inserts. I may just have to design something from the ground up.