My MPCNC, Finally.

I think my first post got eaten by the forum goblins, so I’m trying again. Apologies if this is a double post. I ordered a kit and printed out the parts for my MPCNC back in February 2017, and I just finally got off my lazy butt and put it all together over the holidays. I’m nearly done, and it’s drawing the crown like a champ:

My machine has a 12"x12" cutting area, uses EMT tubes, and a standard Dewalt trim router. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to trim down the length of my Z axis threaded rod. Seems like it’s too long and I believe it’ll hit my workpiece when I’m using the router.

I was wondering if anybody has a CNC cut enclosure for the RAMPS board. I was able to print out the enclosure for the LCD (barely), but neither of my printers is big enough to print a RAMPS enclosure.

Build and the crown look great! I am partial to the red and black myself.

Yup you really need to cut the allthread, I have done the same thing a few times just getting excited to get it together.

I have a Ramps box on Thingiverse but it is pretty tall. Good Idea though make a case like my LCD case so we can mill or cut some pieces. I’ll put it on the list. I need on to fit all the new boards anyway.

Its awesome seeing it move for the first time isn’t it!?

Not sure what volume your printer can do, but I did this on a DaVinci Jr which is 6"x6"x6".