My MPCNC from Croatia (Europe)

Finally started putting it together!

Time is the biggest issue for me so it’s taking me forever to finish it.
Hopefully it will do what I want it to do, mostly aluminium.

I have quite a slow printer so it took more than 200 hours to print everything but I’ve decided to go for a totem corners and those take much longer to print than the original ones.

Work in progres, I will be adding pictures as it comes along.

It wasn’t my intention to make a parrot but I’ve used filaments at hand and it ended in three colours.

Base is 2 x 15mm plywood screwed together.
Two strips of same plywood were added for feet to screw on.
Middle will be a place for wasteboard

I’m using 25mm SS and M8 threaded rod for the Z
Went for an extended tool holder

Putting rollers together I started to appreciate all the effort, knowledge and ingenuity put into this project

Making the feet square was quite a challenge because printed parts come together cause of a low design and it’s hard to put in screws without taking everything apart
I’m off by a 0.1mm on the diagonal measures so hopefully I won’t be getting parallelograms instead of squares but there is another issue that I can’t explain.
Measuring the Y axes tubes from corner to corner, right one is about 1.0mm longer. But diagonal from that corner is 0.1mm shorter so if I shorten the gap between corners on that tube to match the other side I’ll shorten this diagonal even further!
On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that the fact that X axes tubes are not perfectly parallel but are of by 1.0mm will cause problems later on for the middle gantry to move freely.
How to decrease the distance between two right corners without shortening that diagonal further?

Yesterday evening I’ve put the middle gantry together and I was completely blown away by the complexity, ingenuity and knowledge behind this project!

Hope to get it done in a next few days.
I’ll post more as I come along

Any ideas on how to make frame “more” square?


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Very nice looking build.

I would not worry about the 0.1mm, measuring to that accuracy over such a long distance cannot be very reliable anyway.

Just put it all together give it some test runs, then pre-square the machine and draw the largest square your build permits and take test measurements of that. I can’t imagine a project where anyone wouldn’t be very happy to be within .1mm of the intended dimensions.

Looks good, though I see you have used the totem corners. I was planning to use them as well but Ryan suggested they may not have been updated for the 525cnc version. When I checked they appeared to be about 1mm out because the XY gap changed slightly in the new version. Not sure if it will have a big impact but it’s worth checking.

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Creator of the totem corners did respond to my question regarding if the corners are updated

The are not!

But since the offset difference is only 0.4mm, there shouldn’t be too many problems

Mechanics are finally done!

Had some issues squaring the middle assembly (probably because of not so precise printer) but it is done now

Movement along the Y is smoother than along the X but these are 92 Oz/in motors on 24V so moving anything shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve expected this because Y axis are not perfectly parallel, there is 1.0 mm difference from end to end

Now to the electronics…

Finally got around sorting electronic in the last few days.

I looks to me like I’ve spent more time soldering everything together than actually building the thing.

Everything is wired up on the frame also

Only thing weird to me is how long tool shaft and tool actually are.

It looks like a quite a big lever to me

It spins and moves!

Hope to draw a crown today!

You can just slide the spindle up higher to where the collet is flush with the tool mount bottom.

That is what I actually wanted to ask.

As you can see, all 3 tool holder brackets are between bearings on the Z assembly
This setup looked stiffest to me.

If I would slide the spindle up those 3 cm (1"1/4), would that add to rigidity?

I really can’t imagine all the forces acting upon the gantry so I have no idea how does moving the spindle up or down the tool mount affects everything.

It doesn’t matter moving it up just gives you more usable range on the z axis.