My New Build to go with everyone else's

This is my brand new build of the MPCNC along with a custom controller assembly for an SKR V1.4 Turbo + TFT35 V3. Hope everyone likes it. I will be making the files available for the controller

box via Thingiverse if anyone is interested.
My build isn’t completed yet because it requires the build to finish it. My spoil board will be embedded into the tabletop by using the CNC to route out the area to put it in.

So now where to go from here? I’ve been doing a lot of reading but still trying to grasp the next steps. Testing with a marker and then actually routing the tabletop. My build is that of the stock calculator and its main purpose is PCBs and wood carving. Maybe even dabbling in some metalwork. Hope everyone likes my build so far.


Oh and forgot to mention I’m in NE Pa, Lehigh Valley area.

Ok, so the wifey says why didn’t you have it turned on? So here it is turned on showing the current coordinates.

The tool mount is for a Genmitsu 775 I’m planning on running directly from the SKR Turbo board. Don’t know if that’s possible but I’m going to give it my best effort. I’ve also made a Sharpie mount that fits this mount for testing. I also made a tool mount for a 4000 Dremel which is visible on the table between the controller and power supply which is the exact power supply used by Creality 3D printers. More than enough power to run this machine and the Genmitsu spindle.

Can’t wait to put this thing into real action.


Looks great!
I have the same vacuum… I’m think its going to struggle with the chips your going to cut inYour near future ! Lol

The vacuum is general use and not for the CNC Works great for cleaning my truck and other small clean up jobs… Glad you like the rest if it though.

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I figured as much… just joking.
Enjoy your new setup!

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Looks great. I guess it is time for the test crown.


Looks great. I guess it is time for the test crown.

Thanks, what a great help for this noob, and here are the results!

Of course the Crown, a 71 Camaro, and Cyrus(15 yrs old 2 days ago), a German Pincher. The blue tape was to figure out where I needed to place the paper.

And I thought I’d show you where this machine will end up sitting when completed, right next to my already cluttered workbench for 3D printing.


Looks good! On to estlcam basics (although any cam will work, more info at software workflow).


Thanks will do. I’ve found that building anything gives you an insider role into troubleshooting when needed. My ender 3 pro isn’t an ender any longer, numerous upgrades and rebuilds taught me tons about 3D printing and the things that could and will go wrong eventually. Not an expert yet at 3D printing but can answer most questions when it comes to troubleshooting problems.
Thanks again for the push in the right direction.