My new MPCNC Primo

Also, I see a lot of documentation for the build but after the MPCNC is done I don’t see a lot of information to go from building the mpcnc to use the mpcnc?

I have the Achim1 kit, bought it on the V1 boutique and now I am starting to wonder what is my next step between build it and use it?

Do you know where I can find step by step info?

You should find much of what you’re looking for here: Introduction to The MPCNC - V1 Engineering Documentation

The Table of Contents on the right should get you where you want to go.

The milling basics and estlcam basics should be the next steps.

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Will do TKS!!

Good news I was able to make my MPCNC move with the Repetier-Host !
Sadly I am not able to connect the Estlcam. Also, my end stop doesn’t do anything
I bout my Achim 1.0 on V1 engineering do I need to flash and update the board?


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Sadly I am not able to connect the Estlcam.

The typical pathway is to produce a g-code file from EstlCAM and then deliver to your control board using Repetier-Host. Make sure you’ve setup Repetier-Host and steup EstlCAM.

Also, my end stop doesn’t do anything

We need more information to puzzle out what is going on. If you wired your steppers for dual endstops, and the steppers are working, then the problem is likely not the firmware. You can send an M115 g-code from the manual tab on Repetier-Host to be sure. Look at the version number. Dual endstop versions have a ‘D’ in the verison number.

Endstops are only used when homing. How are you triggering homing? If the machine moves a slight bit in the wrong direction when you tried to home, then you have the endstops wired normally open. They need to be wired normally closed.

Check the endstop status with M119 from repetier host too.

So back to basic

I got the


After I add Archim to the Board list

But when I try to compile it I receive that error

In file included from sketch\src\inc/MarlinConfig.h:28:0,
from sketch\src\MarlinCore.h:24,
from sketch\src\MarlinCore.cpp:31:
sketch\src\inc/MarlinConfigPre.h:34:32: fatal error: …/HAL/platforms.h: No such file or directory
#include “…/HAL/platforms.h”
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Archim.

It might probably be a stupid mistake made by a newbie me!!
Did someone have a clue of what I am doing wrong?

Try v508. Or use platformio. v509 doesn’t compile in arduino. I may need to take another look at that.

I got the v508 and now I have this problem

exec: “C:\Users\guill\OneDrive\Documents\ArduinoData\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++”: file does not exist
Error compiling for board Archim.