My star wars inspired bathroom sign

First cut on the low rider…it came out a bit fuzzier than desired but i blame my crappy 3mm end mill bit…


That is a perfect sign for the bathroom.

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Stay on target…

Just be careful when using the force.

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Almost there…

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Loosen up!

(lol this is so appropriate on so many levels…)

fun fact–I painted the lines by dipping a small piece of shrink tube in the paint and dragging it through the channels–worked great!


Ok i had to do it…

I can generally get by without a targeting computer when the target is 2 meters wide.

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Why are you peeing in the bathtub?

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I’ve heard womp-rats aren’t much bigger than 2 meters.

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And when you thing about that, it’s about the size of an adult lion. That’s a ROUS!

Pretty much every quote from the trash compactor scene would be gold here:

Into the garbage chute, flyboy!
What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!
Don’t just stand there — try and brace it with something!
I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
There’s something alive in here.


That’s for the other wall.



Great job on the sign. When you reach my age, if I don’t have my glasses on, I don’t know exactly where the target is. And trying to find it by listening for a “splash” return certainly is not acceptable because I really hate wet feet, floors, and walls. Bummer. So, first I find my glasses then go make target shooting history.This is the voice of experience. Been there, done that.

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