My TMC2130 build

Inspired by Toms video ( about the quiet and sensorless-homing TMC2130 drivers, I started to build this printer a month ago. It isn’t finished yet (cable managament, …) but yesterday I did my first prints and they went very well, even without any printer settings tuning.

[attachment file=“54209”]

I wired them exactly like Tom did, expect the two cable select pins X_CS_PIN and Y_CS_PIN, because I also have a RepRapDiscount Smart Controller connected:
X_CS_PIN from 53 to 66
Y_CS_PIN from 49 to 44
This has to be changed in pins_RAMPS.h (if using Ramps 1.4)

[attachment file=“54210”]

The Z-Sensor is a which works very exact and has a low building height so I could mount it under the extruder motor near the nozzle. Therfor i added a mounting point to the extruder_strap.

[attachment file=“54212”]

For X-homing I printed a 21mm long cylinder with a 8.5mm hole as the stopper.

[attachment file=“54213”]

The first thing I printed was the yellow fan holder seen in the picture, the second one the 3DBenchy

[attachment file=“54214”]

[attachment file=“54211”]




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I have never seen that sensor before. Keep us updated on how it holds up after a few days of printing. I like the concept for sure.

Those 2130s look slick. I really like your mods. Is it still working well?

wow that is a marked improvement on sound. definitely will be looking into these.


The steppers work great but I wasn’t very happy with the motor/hotend mount, so I designed a new one. It’s for the sensor.

[attachment file=“70515”]

Another big improvement:

[attachment file=“70513”]


That mount looks very stout. And I am definitely going to try that magenetic build plate. Do I need more than one? Does it’s surface stick pretty well, or should I get some more PEI?

For small pieces I do not use the headbed, with larger pieces I heat up to 40°C, which takes only the same time as heating up the hotend, and PLA sticks like hell. But removing is very easy.

I bought only one, unfortunately they sell only bundles, not only the top plate. But I’ve printed at least 50 pieces, and can’t see any significant wear.

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