Nath's ZenXY Build

Finally finished my table, thanks to the help I got in this forum!!
600x600 ZenXY with a 1000x1000 resin surround with accent colour aggregate.


That’s really nice. I keep wanting to make one of these, but not sure where I’d put it.

Whoa! That is awesome! I really like the idea of pouring a top. I think I could do that as an add-on when I make my table.

That looks like it is just about the same size I am going for too. My work area is going to be about 490mm squared.

I’m also super happy to see releaux triangles. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Hi Nathan, beautiful build!
I tried to kep the rim around my table as low as possible… and failed. Great way of turning that into a feature. The table is beautiful and useful :+1:
Are you planning on adding lights? I think they add quite a bit of gusto without much effort…

Thanks for the kind words! I am considering putting some LEDs around the perimeter, but I’ve got everything how I want and I I’d have to have to decant all the BiCarb to make modifications!

I like the idea of a poured top…I hadn’t thought of that. Something to think about and consider as I build mine! Thanks for sharing.