NE Ohio Build

I’ve been printing for about 7 days now, built my table and cut my conduit. I’m ready to start piecing this thing together! I’m buying most parts as I go, and so far I have everything in-hand to build the structure…prints, conduit, nuts and bolts, and bearings.


Pictures or it didn’t happen XD jk. But really I would love to see the build!

Unfortunately there’s not much to show at the moment, so I guess you could say it hasn’t happened haha.

In addition to the pictures below, I do have the conduit cut and the table top installed. I am planning to run to the hardware store today to get the screws that will attach the legs to the table (forgot to order those with the rest of my hardware order).


Lol that looks started so it happened. Love the colors. I went with the same. I still haven’t made a table yet. It’s just sitting on my freezer in the porch. I have to clean out an area for it to be set up permantly.

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i agree, great color choice. i haven’t built my table yet either (cant seem to figure out what my son did with my good tape measure -.-) but i like your design.

@ajhunter Where are you located? I’m in Northwest Akron and there’s a few more in the forum around the Medina and Akron area. Just curious in the NEO crowd.

You also just beat me to getting my building photos uploaded. I built a table this weekend and need to get conduit going.


We should have a NE ohio cncaholics meeting


I’m in Wadsworth. Sounds like we are in this together!

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Antwerp checking in

So I’m starting to have some doubts (after nearly 10 days of printing). I’ve read recently that 3/4" EMT might flex too much if your footprint is over 2’x2’. I’m planning on 2’x3’. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

My first build was several versions ago and made from conduit. It was two by three feet. It worked well.


True to engineering form…I tracked it.


Dang @ajhunter, that is going very hard in the paint. I had a spreadsheet to check off which ones were done and which weren’t

I probably shouldn’t show you my price-out sheet then, haha.

I often make a spreadsheet for these big printing jobs. It is the best excuse for conditional formatting to have one cell be white, yellow or green based on the qty you’ve made so far.

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@ajhunter well now I’m curious…

@jeffeb3 conditional formatting is pretty glorious when it works well. I am particularly a fan of color scales to indicate level in a big table

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Made a little progress on the build last night. I received the leveling feet that I had ordered for my table. I also ripped out the middle of my table top to be a swappable spoilboard. Then, I got the feet mounted (bonus: black screws!), the leg assemblies built, and the truck assemblies built. Everything is level and square within the width of a pencil line, so I think it’s going well!


Looking good!

Need to get going on mine… You’re definitely going to beat me to this looking at where you’re at.

Yeah I think he’s going to beat me too… I’m still trying to find my darn tape measure so I can build my table XD. I would go out and buy a new one but I’m in quarantine:(

Nah, guys. The electronics part will slow me down for sure. Anything mechanical, I’m good. But I have to really think through electronics.

Plus, the parts you see here are all I have. Still have some ordering to do…

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