Nearing build completion!

So, I’ve managed to get the physical frame square (am still having trouble getting the gantry square to itself- with the way the parts are printed it seems that the closest I can get to 90deg is like 89 or 91- everything is fully loosened and I’ve followed the directions- but I’m hoping that a little wear will allow me to get it square.


I also have all the stepper wired themselves, but I have a question on if there is any benefit (other than it’s easier) to using the splitter vs wiring each motor individually? The board seems to have capacity for it…

Also, using the full rambo kit- does anyone know which pins I should wire the E-Stop to or should I just put it in line with the mains power connector?

Making slow, but sure, progress towards completion!


The 12V input to the rambo is good. There isn’t another good place for it.

The firmware for running each X or each Y on a separate driver is a little more complicated, and requires a bit more of an advanced set of skills. But it’s a little better. Otherwise, don’t split them, wire them in series, which is what Ryan’s series wiring kit does. I can’t tell how you’ve got it wired, but if you’ve already got it wired to the E0 and E1 ports, then leave it.

Keep in mind that once the steppers are on, each side will move in lock step. So all you have to do is enable the motors while they are square. If you have a dual endstop setup (which requires dual motors) you can run a homing cycle after startup and it will square them up. The endstops aren’t used again after that.