He is making a big boy out of his bridge boy. Can’t wait to see the projects he pulls out of it.

The software to run it will be interesting as well. The cam can not be fast too process, and I believe he will have to import the actual model to run the cam.

So many questions for this cool project.

He has been at this a while, crazy kit.

The comments are crazy. Things like, “the plastic will explode as soon as it touches the work”. If I hadn’t been loving with the internet for this long, I might argue with them.

That dude makes some crazy stuff. I didn’t know it was him until the end. When that arm popped out in a shop full of antique tools I was shocked.

I still want to try some fancy shaped joinery with the CNC I just haven’t found a good project yet. I really have to need/want something to dedicate so much time to it. That video brings in the fancy shape aspect with basic joinery, put them together, magic.

Figured I’d add this here instead of starting another thread titled “Neat!” :rofl:


That was a great video, I have to watch more of his stuff!