Need a bit of guidance with Fusion 360

Hey all I appreciate any help you can offer (or a youtube video which may help). I have spent most the day trying to figure out how to go about this. I am trying to make a clone of my Minelab Etrac Battery (going to build my own lithium-ion pack). There is a guy selling them on ebay for $20 but where is the fun in that (I post this link so you can get an idea of what the finished product looks like)

I have the basics down but struggle on how to remove the material from above and below my selection on the body. It is not flat on the z axis it has a slight incline on both the top and bottom. Here a picture should help.

How To

I want the material above and below my selection to go with it leaving only the ‘nose’ I am struggling for ways to do this. I know it is hard to explain. Maybe there is a way I can share my project file for someone to have a peek at.

Thanks for looking,

Ha, I tried to rotate it with my mouse…

If you can share it I can help out.

I think I see what you want. Try using that little tiny ledge as your surface and cut the other way?

I would make that object in 3 major operations.

  1. extrude the main body solid
  2. cut the battery cutout offset from one surface and not all the way to the other end
    3)extrude the plug off the end
    4)minor features for the hardware.

ohhhh I see what you are getting at. the taper…

you can either to two cut operations from top down and from the side then round the corner.

Or you can extrude that feature with a negative draft then cut the holes.

Never tested it but it supposed that fusion cloud is designed for sharing

I hope this link works. I appreciate the help! I still would like to know how to do it myself. I was trying to figure out how to select the negative of my sketch but I have no idea lol. Fusion is an amazing piece of software


You should post this on the Fusion360 forum. The autodesk folks are excellent there. I’ve done it before and they usually post a video for you of what to do…

Thats exactly what I want! Thanks for the heads up buddy I do appreciate it!

I knew it was easy lol… For anyone wondering who can use this for their projects it is called a ‘loft’ I had no idea this awesome feature existed (I opened fusion for the first time months ago - so take it easy on me lol)… Worked like a champ!



Ya Fusion360 is pretty amazing! I do all my work in Fusion360. Including assembly, joints, you name it. Quite powerful stuff. Glad it worked out for ya.