Need a DFX file created

Any carbide create gurus that could make the attached file into a dfx? shoot me a message what you would charge to create the file.



Jason Dewester

7-Inch-Soap-Dish.pdf (84.4 KB)

How about an svg? Converting images (even PDFs) to svgs is easy with inkscape. I opened it in estlcam just to be sure.

You’ll have to scale it. (90.7 KB)

Is this any good for you Jason, it is drawn in metric.

Rename the file extension to dxf

Soap-dish.txt (83.7 KB)

Thanks guys for the help I just need to figure out how to scale it to size in estlcam.

In estlcam, View, Grid, X 25.4 Y 25.4 . This gives you a grid of 1 inch squares. Now you can scale up or down to the squares. You can also hold the middle mouse button on an edge line and draw a measurement line to the other side, have to keep holding, or it goes away, but a quick way to check.

Hi Jason, did you fix that ? As i understand you right you need a dxf file use in estlecam.

If you like i can make that for you, just for fun. I like this pojekts to build it in fusion 360.

If you like - give me a message and i will do it.

Best regards



p.s. I use also Estlcam and the MPCNC