Need a little advice on what to buy to finish an MPCNC

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

so I just bought myself an unfinished MPCNC. It seems pretty well assembled but there is some stuff to add and fix. I have a few questions and I’m hoping You guys can help me out a bit.

  1. The machine has some slack from the Z screw and nut so I want to replace it with a proper leadscrew and an anti backlash nut. Will something like this fit inside the standard Z axis assembly? Also has anyone tried using these on an MPCNC as I think these might be even better?
  2. Should the belts be steel or glass fiber reinforced?
  3. I need to get a spindle for it but for now I want something cheap and reasonably quiet (quiet as in spindle quiet, I know cutter makes noise regardless) Is this spindle with the "mach3 power supply" any good to get started or just complete garbage?
Best Regards


Fiber reinforced, spindle looks good, you’d need to replace printed parts to use a lead screw. I wouldn’t worry too much about the slack in the z. Once you hang the spindle on it, the weight is enough to cancel it out. If it pushes up the spindle in the slack, you’re doing something wrong. :wink:

Do you have a 5/16-18 threaded rod leadscrew or the T-8[?] triple start lead screw?

I could be wrong but, those nema 17 motors seem to small to be 76 ozin.