Need advices before starting


Could you check if I can use a standard MPCNC with a dremel 3000 to cut holes in an ABS made box like that:

I want to make hundreds of these:

could I use it to cut carbon effect sticker with the same holes?

Is it the good project to start? (MPCNC)
is it ok for Z axis?
Is it strong enought for milling ABS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Technically yes you can do that with a dremel, but the dremel will not last very long and there is a high chance of a poor surface finish. Becuase of the High runout.

Yes you can cut the sticker with the drag knife.

The shorter all the axis the better.

Ok thanks a lot :slight_smile:

so, if you confirm my choices and give me last advices, I’m going to:

but if my dremel is not the best choice, could you advice me on what to buy?

what final tool to buy for that strong kind of ABS?

I will have Z axis by defaut, maybe not enough for the height of a box, just enought to make these holes going from one to the other… so I will need to make a kind of pit under the milling surface on the table, that’s right?

THANKS again

I prefer the dewalt 660. If you own a dremel give it a shot, for some it is plenty good enough.

ABS is not very hard to cut.

Just make the Z axis as short as you can, along with the X and Y as well. You don’t have to make a pit but you could.


I don’t see in FAQ answer for that

I will got 25mm tube
so I check calculator

default Z value is 100mm

as I need to go with shorter Z axis (I see 1 to 1.5" in faq) what 5/16 size do I need for what Z value in calculator?
Z-Axis Desired Work Height:
1x Allthread/Leadscrew length (minimum):