Need G2 belt routing

Can someone post a diagram of the “X” and “Y” G2 belt routing? I’m having fun assembling this and hit my first wall. If a diagram isn’t possible, I’d settle for some kind of explanation of how to route the belts. Thanks

Hmm, sorry it is really hard to make a diagram, here are two that I guess I should link on the directions page. Let me know if it is still unclear.

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My build thread has it in pictures, step by step.

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Bill, Ryan - Thanks so much for the quick response. Instructions and video made it easy peasy… I’ve got it all rigged and moving on to the electronics. I plan to use an Ardruino and Ramps board with a Full Graphics Screen I have. I had to reprint my Right and Left Roller parts. My first ones were way too thin walled to handle the stress. All is good now…so far.