Need help configurater map graphic in marlin

Hello everyone , I have to get my extruder configuration marlin and I can not configure the graphics card. Don’t work’s. I need to choose a line. Is there another line than this? :
I have difficulty operating U8glib …
On Ubuntu 14.01 i past in libraries the folder U8glib. On Arduino in exemple it is ok. But when i test ther is an error U8glib not found.!!!

Sorry I can’t help I have not used arduino on Linux.

I can say I have a pre-configured firmware here,
Although your problem is the u8lib.

I’m not an expert, but when I have problems accessing a file in Linux, it’s usually the permissions. You might want to make sure you have rights to the folder and files you pasted in.

Good evening ted,
I bought the complete set. But there is a small bug when I want to print a second object and above all I have to change the stpes_unit value of the extruder (200 I have to go to 1428). It takes a long time to turn the wheel !!!
I downloaded the Marlin file from the website vicious. I followed exactly Changes “configuration h” except steps_unit of the extruder.
After uploading to the Arduino ==> totally blue LCD (communication between the computer and the card is good, the recognized USB port). I even have the confirmation message on the remaining place in the Arduino after upload.
So I went back in the marlin and no option is validated for the LCD. By searching the internet many say it is necessary to validate the line I sity.
Certainly I must have a permission problem OR I have not downloaded the U8glib (the qua I downloaded is U8glib-master)
Let’s say if there was another LCD configuration option in Marlin without installing this library it would be easier for me …

If you downloaded my firmware you should not change anything, the changes have already been made. Did the numbers not match?

The extruder steps are absolutely not 1428 if you are using my extruders?

If you get a blank screen you used the wrong file. What screen do you have?

If you have the large screen you have to use the u8lib, if you have the small screen it does not need it.

I bought everything except the extruder because there was more … I have an extruder with a gear. That is why I must change values.

I have a big screen, bought the site vicious.

In marlin downloaded no configuration as the one cited? #define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER
My problem is the U8glib. This does not work on Arduino ??? Downloaded, filed in the correct folder, visible in the examples but error messages after testing ???
Probably the permissions in ubuntu I must see.

You have to use the U8lib, it is the only way.

OK marlin file you sent is more complete than that to which I downloaded on the site vicious.
I will try to solve the problem U8glib tonight.
Another solution would be to use a small screen that does not require U8 but it’s a bit absurd …

I worked until midnight yesterday and I begin to lose my Hair! Missing something with this U8

Thank you


Have you seen this version of u8glib? It includes install instructions in the zip file.