Need Help Connecting CNC.JS to SKR on Linux

I have switched my old laptop over to LINUX in order to preserve what little life is left in it.

The only thing on this computer is google drive and CNC.js to run my lowrider.

I can see the port, ( ttyACM0) and the port goes away when I unplug the USB to the CNC but I can’t seem to connect to it. My Baude rate is 250000 but I just get the error message that it can’t open.

Anyone have any ideas?

Is the user account you’re (or cncjs) running under a member of the dial-in (or up, can’t quite remember) user group? I believe that’s a requirement for using stuff plugged in to USB ports.

Any idea how to check that? I had looked up a bunch of stuff regarding this topic online but didn’t get any conclusive info and the commands a tried didn’t seem to do what the internet says they should do.

Fyi, I’m about 1hr into learning how Linux actually works so bare with me

It’s dialout.

Check what groups you are in by sending groups on the linux terminal.

I am going by memory here, but IIRC, the command to add you to the group is sudo usermod -a -G dialout robp (assuming your username is robp). There is a process you can restart to get it to update, but a logout/login should refresh it. You should probably google it. There may also be a ubuntu dialog for it.

Thanks guys, I will check that out in the morning. I thought I had gone down that route but will give it another shot as your instructions seem much simpler than what I was trying to follow online.

I did see that I was part of the admin group but maybe that doesn’t mean that I’m automatically part of the dialout group?

That was it thanks guys!

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