need mach4 lowrider2 profile

like the subject says i cant seem to find a machine profile for mach4.

Hi Nathan, welcome to the forums! We’ll need a bit more information before anyone can help you input the values. What drivers/microstepping do you have? If you’re using mach 4 it should be an external controller and drivers. Since those can be any of a number of drivers, we can’t give you an accurate profile without at least that information.

For example, if your drivers are at 1/8 micro stepping, and I give you a value appropriate for 1/16 microstepping, your machine will go twice as far with each command.

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sorry im using the rambo 1.4 board. and i bought the rest as the kit my table is the full 4x8 sheet soo 111in x 56in

Does mach4 work wirh rambo? I thought it was driven in real time from windows.

Yep, as far as I’ve seen, Mach3/4 use either an LPT breakout box or USB equivalent or clone claiming it is “Mach X” compatible. (i.e. doesn’t work with Rambo or the like)

If you’re using the Rambo, then you cannot use Mach 4. M4 is indeed for usb use, but the rambo is a controller in itself. You have options like Repetier Host, Pronterface, cnc.js, and chilipeppr has a marlin environment as well.