Need more belt

Hello, I am building a Primo. The build area is 24"x13". I need more belt than comes in the kit and extra belt is out of stock. Does anyone have advice as to how to get more(sooner the better). My build is stalled because of it. I am not having luck finding it on Amazon or locally (Greenville SC area).


If you are in the US, here is a an amazon link.

I might have some in stock later today, I have to check but I am having a hard time getting the quantities I need before spring festival.

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Thanks, it is saying the width is 9mm, am I good with that width over the 10mm?

Absolutely. I think mine varies from 9-10 at times.

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Lol damn! I was waiting for the skr board to come back in stock and now the extra belt is out of stock! I hope it comes in stock later soni can order today!

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