Need, want one...Heck yes!

That’s crazy. So sharp. Lots of custom software though.

Build one Ryan! EDM is cool tech, and it’s hard to believe that it’s actually been around a while.

But I cringed a little… something about putting my hand in water…with electricity… even though I know he probably has a bunch of safeties…

What’s real cool is when the top of the hole is round, but the bottom is square!

Yup, I kept thinking I would actually turn off a breaker before putting my hand near a $3000 power supply and water.


I had it spec’ed for a job and they did not use a wire they milled a tiny carbon positive and slowly worked it into a negative for a mold. It was for a watch type thing (I left before that project was complete though).

I saw that, I was really really hoping it was some off the shelf thing but I know better. Smart dude, I wonder what is next up his sleeve. I didn’t realize it was the same one from the applied science videos until I saw his review, now I need to re-watch that episode.

You need a big bright warning light in or near the water to remind you that it’s dangerous. Or maybe one of those backup claxons from a dump truck.

Nothing stops my carelessness. I was using the heat gun set it down immediately put my hand on the metal end (giant blister), every time I weld aluminum I burn myself. Basically if it is not glowing red I feel the need to touch it. Electricity…doesn’t exist until you prove it by touching in, Schrodinger must have invented it.

Maybe just some glowing red LEDs on it then.

That would actually stop me. So we need to invent heat activated LED’s and …electricity… activated. That second one sounds impossible.

Slap razor blades all over the thing and it oddly becomes safer?

I guess you could just actually light it on fire.

Sharp things don’t stop me either…cut most of the way through my index finger. Maxed out the insurance with microsurgery and PT on that one.

Fire…might work. I like fire but know not to touch it.

Dang, I am pretty accident prone.

You should consider becoming a software engineer.

My IQ and attention span doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. That finger thing happens while studying for a chem test, so logic concludes study is not healthy for me!

In a past life I helped teach people self defense. Not the wax on, wax off stuff, but actual gun/knife disarmament and response. Did it every tues and thurs for years. So sharp pointy things wouldn’t help me much. I also blacksmith sometimes, so I do know to hold your hand over metal before touching it, but you do occasionally forget metal conducts heat. I leaned against my anvil one day. Just so you know, those bastards get hot! Aluminum is just weird. Just as it starts to glow, it turns into a puddle. Electricity is like a lion in the dark. You don’t see it until it’s chewing on your arm.