Need some help with an idea

So, i posted here for two reasons; 1, i am a member here and trust you guys, 2, i trust you guys more than other forums, 3, the reprap forums seem to be non existant anymore

Ok, so here is my question. I am still working on my mpcnc. In the meantime, i received a anet a8 for my birthday. I wanted it for a couple of reasons. something fun to do and to make something crappy better. I know all the fire issues, frame issues etc. i am replacing all the wire, adding mosfets and fuses.

Anyway, it was a very thoughtful gift.

Here is my question. I want to build the prusa i3 box frame that is from

but i noticed my x axis rods are 436mm, not 470mm and my z axis rods are smaller in the anet a8 as well.

How do i adjust the frame size for those differences? do i take a measurement from the center of the Z-smoothrods once the anet a8 is complete to get a better number for frame width or just shrink it down 15mm on each side?



I know this is not your question, but I have an A8. I printed all the frame braces, upgraded to marlin for saftey, added the mosfet, tensioner for the belts, fixed the hot bed wiring and composite bearings and for PLA it’s awesome. I have beautiful and very consistent prints. If you’re wanting to print ABS have you looked into the AM8? You print the pieces ( I did ABS on my A8). The 40x20 profile is easily sourced from kits on ebay pre cut or if you have a way to cut it McMaster-Carr. If you just want to use the other frame all you have to do is mount the rod holding brackets lower (at the top or your anet rods). You can cut the frame smaller if you want tho. Or you can get new lead screws and rods, but you’ll have to change the firmware to take advantage of the extra travel.

sorry for late reply. I have looked at both the emt8 and am8 and though i like them, i want to try the original wood frame that started this whole riprap thing haha

No worries. It looks like a fun project. I looked at the x axis as well, but I can’t tell if it has a corner attachment or bolts straight in. If it bolts straight in then you just reposition it. If not you can design a new bracket that you can just print it on the a8 before you convert. Are you new to 3d printing? If so I’ll help you with the bracket if you send me a link to the original. It’ll take me a few days. I wont have time till the weekend. I’ll have to print the original and measure it then redesign
it. Once I do I can send you an stl for cura.

Shrinking it to accommodate the much smaller X rods is kind of a huge deal as it will force change to the bed as well.

Not sure but you might be able to get away with just barely getting the rods into the printed parts and not adjusting anything. If you got 8+mm in each X printed piece you could probably pull it off.

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Two questions. If i reply to your coment via email? will that add the reply to the forum as well?

Second: I will also try and extend the hole in the printed by by a few mm and see if that works. Maybe it will maybe it wont haha