Need to replace a stepper

I have a stepper that seems to get jerky after a while. I’m looking to replace it and I found these are slightly higher rated than the ones listed for the kit.

Do I need to change anything software or power related to use these? Or should I just buy the replacements that match.

3pcs Nema 17 Bipolar Stepper Motor Kit 2.1a 4-lead 60mm Hobby CNC

I can’t really help with your question, but I’m betting the first questions more the knowledgeable will ask is what board are you using and how sure are you this is a faulty motor…?

Yea, generally steppers don’t go bad. To test, take the belts off and swap connectors with another, then run the job again without belts, see if it starts stuttering again. Might be the driver is overheating.

Seems to be only 1 side. Every once in a while it starts to get super jerky when moving, even with no load just moving back and forth. It rolls super smooth without the belts on, and seems to roll smoothly with the steppers disengaged too.

Itll happen when I first turn the machine on, during a print, or after running it for hours it doesnt matter. Shutting it off for a few hours doesnt seem to help either. It just comes and goes.

You can feel it on one side when it happens, then all the sudden it stops and runs normally.

Okay, that sounds like a bad wire connection. The pins sometimes get pushed out of the connectors and make intermittent connections.

I have hard soldered all connections. Only the board connection uses the pins, and that would effect both of them.

The only difference I see is in impedance. But I read that a difference can cause you to have to set the stepper current with the pot on the board.

Well I went ahead and put these in anyway. They are definitely smoother and quieter.

It seems to have resolved my skipping issue I was having as well.

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