NEJE laser mount

has anyone made a basic NEJE laser mount for the primo? i have seen a few for the burly, and one with a fancy air assist for the primo, but nothing basic.

if not i will make one but i was kind of hoping for something i could just grab and run with for testing and a few quick projects before having to designing a mount that works with the DW660 mount that i use most of the time.


I have mounting brackets I created from Ryan’s blank mount STEP file as part of an ongoing project. It occurs to me that those mounts, combined with a very simple mounting plate, would provide a basic laser mount. I modeled up a simple plate. Its thickness, mounting hole size, and mounting hole placement are based on the NEJE laser bracket used for their 30W and 40W lasers. It is untested, but given the simple geometry, it is likely functional. I have 3D printed the brackets. They are functional, but tolerances are a bit tighter than I want, especially in the screw length, so I’ll likely make some changes before I’m done. But just in case you want to make changes, I also included the STEP files and basic dimensions. The brackets are designed to use #8 machine screws…probably 3/8" with this plate…and the nut pocket is deep enough for nylock nuts, though normal will work fine. (463.5 KB)

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I made this mount for my 30W Neje N40630, and it interchanges with my dw660, it’s not the most fancy and quick solution, but it’s quite simple. thing:5054628


@MartinArael thanks for sharing, it’s an interesting design with the circle to fill that empty space that would normally be occupied by the 660.

I did end up throwing together a mount using @robertbu plate for the universal mount, but adopted it to the standard 660 mount.

It’s not up on thingiverse yet because it needs some polish. But it does work well.


I did that. Each device has its own postprocessor. Very comfortably.


@JDE Yeah easy for you using the makita… the dw660 doesn’t have enough room to fit the laser inside the mount. But man does that look so clean and nice. Good job.

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