Nema 17 Stepper motor driver voltage? High pitch motors?

So I have gotten a ramps 1.4 and I currently have the mpcnc setup with the dual endstops firmware but my question is I have nema 17 stepper motors and I want to verify what voltage to make my stepper driver. I had read somewhere that it was 1.125v but I just want to confirm if that is true. Also, when I plug in my stepper drivers and turn on the power, they are silent until i move them. I find that the motors all move properly and I have it set for 1/32 stepping but my problem is the high pitch mosquito sound that comes out of the motors after they are done moving. I have great hearing and it drives me crazy so a fix would be extremely helpful.

0.7V is more like it.

The motors aren’t holding (they aren’t engaged) until they move.

I don’t know of a good way to stop the noise, besides TMC drivers. But you won’t notice it once you turn on a router and the bit hits the wood. You can just put your hearing protection on earlier.

Thanks, I will try reducing the voltage then. The noise isn’t a huge deal since the router will likely drown out the sound but it was just annoying while setting up.

Wear hearing protection or you won’t have great hearing for long with this hobby. Or put it in a enclosure

As Jeffeb3 .7 is the starting place see haw that sounds but his driver recommendation will make a difference.