Nema 17 UK

As ordering anything from the states costs us a fortune in shipping, ive found these on, will they be a suitable unit?

Yep, more than adequate


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Hi, get them from ebay £45 for 5 86oz, thats what i bought.

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What did you do about the series cable extension for them?

Wire them yourself. There are several diagrams floating around the forums, and in the build instructions.

i ordered some extensions from china. i am running dual enstops firmware so individual motors.

but i think i should have cut them and bought some 4 core cable and used gx16 panel connectors, and the original plug on the inside to the board.

i may still do that as i haven’t worked out final positions for things yet.

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They are way too expensive, and as the seller is Stepperonline, my guess is that they’re still shipped from China.

If Amazon is handling it, it goes a bit quicker than ordering on sites like Aliexpress, (maybe 2-3 weeks instead of 3-4) and you don’t have to worry about customs. However you could save 50% ordering directly in China.

I don’t know what’s the free allowance in the UK, it’s 22 EU on the continent, so I ordered mine one every two days, to avoid customs.